The Psychology of Winning

leadership mindset and goals personal development Sep 16, 2022
Winning and success

No one likes to lose; we all want to win. But why? When an individual wins, testosterone levels usually increase, which influences an increase in dopamine, a chemical messenger that hits the reward center in the brain. This winning effect makes the winner feel good. Feeling good can further impact our well-being and even make us live longer. So how does one improve their chances of winning with all the trappings of success associated with it? Here are ten things you can do to improve your levels of achievement when it comes to the psychology of winning.

1. Visualize 

Develop the habit of visualizing. This process means creating in your mind a mental picture of the outcome you would like to have. For example, hold and relish the experience of winning in the present moment as if you have already achieved it. The reason for holding such thoughts in our minds is that we usually move in the direction of the thoughts we currently hold.

2. Set clear goals 

Visualization is essential, but without goals, there is nothing to aim at or pursue. So please Write down your goals, with long-term and short-term components, and read them daily. By keeping them present in your mind, you are communicating to yourself their importance, with the mind now looking for ways subconsciously to achieve them. 

3. Stay present 

Being in the moment improves performance, preserves energy, and enhances one’s focus. So don’t be a captive of the past, and don’t be preoccupied with the future. Instead, engage all the senses and stay present whenever you are involved in a task or activity.

4. Focus on the positive 

Stop asking questions like, “What if I fail?” Instead, ask questions like, “What if I succeed?” Worrying about the negatives won’t change them, so look for the positives and let them occupy your thoughts. As a matter of fact, within every adversity, there lies an equal opportunity, so look for it.

5. Be self-aware - know yourself (strengths and weaknesses)

Self-awareness always precedes change. Without a conscious awareness of what needs to change, nothing will change. As Socrates puts it, “Know thyself.” Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and improve on them each day.

6. Practice self-talk 

A major reason losers lose is because of what they keep telling themselves. In other words, losers practice negative self-talk, while winners practice positive self-talk. For example, use words like I can, as opposed to, I can’t; I will, as opposed to I think.

7. Compete only with yourself 

In the game of life, never compare yourself with others. It will prevent you from being authentic, and if you are not authentic, you can not be creative, imaginative, and the best version of yourself. Losers indeed focus on winners, while winners focus on winning. A winner knows his biggest competition is with himself, so he always tries to best himself every day.

8. Leverage failure 

Winners learn from failure. They don’t allow failure to stop them or deter them. However, they do an inventory of their failure as they strive to improve. In essence, winners see failure as feedback.

9. Manage your emotions 

Take charge of your emotions by navigating frustration and anger. Furthermore, the thing or person who angers you controls you. Accept the fact that you cannot control external events. What you can control, though, is yourself and your response to the events.

10. Be invested 

Be invested in whatever it is that you are pursuing. Don’t do it just because someone asks you. Instead, Own it. Spend your money, time, and emotions on it. If you invest your all in it, your chances of winning increase astronomically.

So, what game of life are you engaged in currently? Do you want to be a winner or continue winning? If you do, you must always pay attention to your psychology and be mindful that success has more to do with your psychology and less with your strategy. Hence, if you change your thinking, you will change your actions. If you can change your actions, you will change your results - you will win.