Sowing And Reaping For Success

leadership mindset and goals personal development Jul 14, 2021

For every cause, there is an effect. Likewise, you can only reap after you sow. Therefore, sowing and reaping for success is a universal principle that has governed human destiny since the beginning of time. Success has never been a result of luck. On the contrary, those who are successful will tell you they had to put in a lot of work to attain the level of success they now enjoy. 

Take Michael Phelps, for example. Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals. Of the 28 medals, 23 are gold, a record held by any Olympian. He is also a record holder in individual events, with 16 medals, 13 of which are gold. So how did Phelps arrive at such a lofty height on the ladder of Olympic success?

The secret to this Olympian's success was his strict and disciplined training routine behind the scene. He trained in the pool six days per week and circuit trained with weights three times per week. Therefore, Phelps' spot on the podium is due to him following the universal law of sowing and reaping. Here are five things to remember regarding sowing and reaping for success as you endeavor to step on the podium of achievement like an Olympian. 

1. Sowing is a choice 

The farmer is intentional about his sowing. He chooses to work the soil with the anticipation of a return on the investment. Similarly, your choice determines your outcome. Be intentional about what you do and resist the temptation of blaming others for your failures. Instead, take responsibility for the results you get, and rather than leaving the outcome to chance, sow with the hope of achieving the results you desire.

2. Believe in the seed

After the farmer sows the seed, he believes that his efforts will one day result in a payoff. He believes there is a latent power in the seed and that with the proper conditions, nutrients, time, money, and effort, he will yield the appropriate results. Like the farmer, you have to believe in your potential. You have to believe that your dream is possible and that you will reap the fruits of your labor with time and effort.

3. You always reap what you sow

As you already know, you won't get apples if you plant oranges. However, the farmer who plants apples intends to reap apples. In other words, those who are successful have put in much effort to attain their success status. They know you can't reap if they don't sow, and you can get something out of nothing. Hence, they work hard, doing whatever is required to increase the probability of success, and eventually, they are.

4. Sowing and reaping occur in different seasons 

One of the main characteristics of a farmer is patience. The farmer knows that the plant doesn't germinate overnight. He knows there has to be a waiting period before he reaps the reward of his efforts. He is well aware that sowing and reaping occur in two separate seasons. Likewise, you have to be patient. Don't expect instant results. Seeds take time to grow, so do a career, a business, or any form of success.

5. You reap more than you sow.

Isn't it fascinating that the farmer, having placed one apple seed in the ground, ends up reaping more than what he initially sowed? Life is just like that. When we sow one seed, it returns much more than we sow. The efforts you put in today will be pale in comparison to the results you achieve tomorrow.

Success is, therefore, never an issue of luck. It is about you sowing before you reap. It demands a price. Hence, this universal principle works all the time when you follow the process. What you plant in your life is what you'll eventually get back in more significant amounts! May your sowing and reaping for success be a fruitful one.