Programming Your Mind For Success

leadership personal development Sep 01, 2022

Are you living your best life? Or are you living each day wishing that life could be different? The answer to these questions may lie in your subconscious mind. Unfortunately, many of us sabotage our success due to our self-defeating beliefs. If you are going to change course and live the life you want, the following three steps may help in programming your mind for success. 

Make a decision

The ability to make a decision is the ultimate power. Before achieving success, you must first decide what you want. Before you decide what you want, you must determine where you are. This approach means becoming aware of your current state. Then, you have to change what you are doing if it isn't achieving the desired results. Unlike most people who are afraid to leave their comfort zone, if you want success, you must decide to "go to it" because it won't come to you. 

Change your thinking

Before you can change your "doing," you must first change your "being." Ralph Waldo Emerson suggests that "Life consists of what a man is thinking of all day." With that said, to change your life, you must change your mind. Changing your thinking means reprogramming the subconscious mind - the 95 percent of the mind's capacity where resides our beliefs - through positive self-talk, appropriate reading materials, what you listen to, and what you watch on television. In essence, your subconscious conditioning determines your thinking; your thinking determines your decisions; your decisions determine your actions; your actions determine your outcome.

Review  your progress

An essential part of success is reflection. Regular inventory of your thoughts, actions, and their relationship to your outcome must be an ongoing process. First, take note of the results you are getting; if the results are not what you desire, go back and adjust your thinking and actions where necessary.