How Your Future Shapes Your Present

leadership mindset and goals personal development Jan 15, 2024

It is a foregone conclusion that the past significantly impacts who we are in the present. While it is true that we are the product of our past, it is also true that the future shapes our present. In other words, we may be more the product of our future than we are of the past. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with your past, you can change the present because you are a product of the future. Hence, how your future shapes your present depends on how you view the future, narrate your story and use your vision of the future to decide what you choose to do in the present.

How you view the future

The idea that the future can influence the present is known as retrocausality. According to retrocausality, a concept in quantum mechanics, the future can influence or alter the present. Additionally, quantum mechanics suggests that we can sometimes reverse the process of cause-and-effect based on particular situations. In other words, rather than the present impacting the future, which is the normal progression, the future can also profoundly impact the present. Consequently, how you choose to see the future is essential. Some people view the future as threatening and foreboding, while others view it with anticipation and a time filled with opportunities and possibilities. Those who view the future as a period filled with opportunity are setting themselves up to take the necessary action in the present to create the future they desire, which is retrocausality in action. Therefore, how we view the future will determine our actions to fulfill the future we envision.

Narrating the story

The stories we tell ourselves shape us and set us up for success or failure in life. Also, our past experiences shape us into who we are. These experiences may include our childhood upbringing, the environment we grew up in, the schools we attended, and the various cultures that nurtured us. All these experiences have influenced the story we tell ourselves consciously and subconsciously. While you cannot change what happened to you in the past, you can decide what aspect of the past you will use to influence the present. More importantly, it is essential to narrate the story of the life you desire by first thinking about what you would like your future self to look like. So, irrespective of how the past has shaped you, the future you envision for yourself can be more impactful by simply narrating a new story that is rooted in a better version of who you want to be in the future.

The future matters now

While we are the products of the past, we must never be chained to it because we can change, become, do, and achieve more. Also, our view of the future shapes how we view and conduct ourselves daily in life, business, and relationships. Consequently, the future matters now because the person you envision yourself to be is who you are now becoming. Hence, while your past experiences have shaped who you are today, the vision of your future self will determine who you will eventually become. Also, a compelling vision of yourself in the future pulls you towards its fulfillment. It ultimately leads you to change your thinking, attitude, and behavior, which is vital to becoming the best version of yourself. Consequently, if you are unsatisfied with your past, you can change the present because you are a product of the future you envision.