How To Win The Day

leadership mindset and goals personal development May 26, 2022

Success is a marathon, not a sprint. In other words, it may take you months or even years before you finally achieve your goals. While it is essential to think long-term when setting your goals, achieving them requires beginning the journey with your daily habits. As Lao Tzu suggests, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." That means accomplishing what you set out to achieve for the day, with those achievements bringing you closer to your desired long-term goals. So here is how to win the day! 

Leverage the first hour of the day

If you can win the first hour of the day, you will be able to win the day. Here's why! Within the first hour of being awake, the brain is highly suggestible. That means you are inclined to accept and act upon the information you receive within that timeframe. Therefore, to leverage the first hour, feed your brain with empowering information through meditation, gratitude, visualization, reading, and journaling.

Get to work with a Plan 

Having a plan for the day creates order and direction. It keeps you focused on what needs to get done today. So deciding what needs to get done for the day is critical if you are going to place your head on the pillow at night feeling satisfied that you have won the day. Therefore, it is prudent to schedule the activities for the day the night before, as doing it in the morning will cause you to lose quality time. You want to start the day "running." 

Take short breaks 

Taking short breaks during the day at work will make you happier and improve your focus, performance, and productivity. Scheduling and prioritizing breaks in your daily activities will therefore keep you from getting bored, help you to retain information more efficiently, and evaluate your progress as you go along. In essence, taking breaks gets you better results.

Live each day as if it was your last 

Living each day as if it was your last helps you to live with more urgency. It will cause you to waste less time and prioritize the day's activities, focusing on what needs to get done now.

Sleep well

Sleep plays a vital role in our mental and physical health and significantly impacts our creativity, cognitive performance, safety, and longevity. Getting your nightly 7 - 9 hour snooze helps the body recover and repair itself. It's like putting your electronic equipment to charge at night, ready to be used the next day. Therefore, those who do not sleep and get adequate rest will never be able to join the ranks of the high performers.

Though we are all given the same 24 hours each day, those who win the first hour generally win the day. Furthermore, those who live with intentionality and urgency win the day. Finally, those who live within the context of their purpose will continue to win the day and win in life.