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am delighted that you are here, and that you’ve chosen to explore what we offer within the Live Full community. I am also excited that you’re open to the limitless possibilities and transformation that awaits each of us on this journey of personal and professional growth.

I founded the Live Full organization, so that I could share what I’ve learned from my transformational journey in life, with the hope that you will experience your own transformation and create a life that’s purposeful, meaningful and filled with satisfaction. At Live Full we believe There’s Greatness Within You and that you are capable in being more, doing more and achieving more. 

We are committed to help you develop the high performance habits you need to thrive, live your best life now and make an impact on the world.

You will find on this site resources for your personal and professional growth and the tools that you’ll need to transform your mindset, actions and results. 

Whether you’re a leader, business owner or an ambitious individual our mission is to help you unlock your greatness and achieve your full potential.

You have the power to become more than you currently are and to significantly make an impact on the world with your uniqueness.

Through our Personal and Professional Development programs, Live Full has transformed the lives of thousands of diverse individuals.

If you are a leader, business owner or ambitious professional, we are committed to helping you develop the high performance habits you need to thrive, live your best life and make an impact on the world.

We are committed to helping you live your dream, be phenomenal and leave a legacy. 

Here you’ll always be reminded that Greatness Is Doable and be equipped with the tools to be your best!  Again I'm glad you're here!

Welcome home.


To your greatness,

Dr. Floyd

Dr. Floyd Spence - Unlocking Greatness  

Dr. Floyd Spence is the CEO of Live Full Inc., one of the top high performance experts in the world and a sought after Motivational Keynote Speaker on leadership and high performance. His work is embraced by corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes and ambitious individuals.

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