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Unlock Your Potential 

Welcome to Live Full

We are delighted you are here and have chosen to explore what we offer within the Live Full community. At Live Full, we offer individuals and organizations reliable, high-quality resources for personal and professional development on both a local and global scale. We are also excited that you’re open to the limitless possibilities and transformation that await you on this journey of personal and professional growth.


Our Why

We exist to inspire people to unlock their highest potential, be their best and become an agent of positive change in the world.  


Our Vision

We envision a world in which most people are inspired every day to live with purpose, realize their dreams, and live a fulfilled life.


Our Values

 Our core vales include:

  1. Mindset: Maintain a growth mindset and be willing to learn from difficult experiences rather than see obstacles or challenges as deterrents.
  2. Innovation: Pushing past the status quo with bold and progressive ideas. Remaining curious and challenging deeply ingrained assumptions and traditional methods while pushing past the status quo with bold and progressive ideas. 
  3. Integrity: Act ethically and transparently in all business dealings, prioritizing doing the right thing over personal gain.
  4. Passion: Expressing a contagious enthusiasm for helping people find their purpose and achieving their goals. 
  5. Simplicity: Using simple language and simple terms to make ideas easier to understand and execute.


What We Do

Dr. Floyd founded the Live Full organization to share what he learned from his transformational journey in life, with the hope that you will experience your own transformation and create a life that’s purposeful, meaningful, and filled with satisfaction. At Live Full, we believe There’s Greatness Within You and that you can be more, do more, and achieve more.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Keynotes & Workshops
  2. Coaching
  3. Online Courses 

With us, you'll always be reminded that greatness is doable, and we will ensure you get equipped with the tools you need to be your best! Again, I'm glad you're here!

Welcome home.


To your greatness,

Dr. Floyd

Dr. Floyd Spence - Unlocking Human Potential  

Dr. Floyd Spence is the CEO of Live Full Inc., one of the top high performance experts in the world and a sought after Motivational Keynote Speaker on mindset, leadership and optimal human performance. His work is embraced by corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes and public figures.

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