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Live Full offers, individuals and organizations, reliable, high-quality resources for leadership, personal and professional development on both a local and global scale. Here, at Live Full, we help leaders, entrepreneurs and high achievers, improve their performance, so that they may achieve their most ambitious goals with sustainable results.

Meet Floyd Spence

Mental Toughness Expert – Peak Performance Coach & Canada’s Top Motivational Speaker

Starting from more than humble beginnings, Dr. Floyd has overcome self-esteem issues, academic challenges and a life of poverty, to become a top motivational speaker and performance coach for life and business.

Dr. Floyd’s personal story and experience of success is motivating. A stumbling block in his life was that he was born into poverty and struggled behaviourally and academically in high school, due to his poor concept of self. However, through persistence, mental toughness and a refusal to allow his past to determine his future, he was able to unleash a course of amazing accomplishments, which include becoming a pastor, military chaplain (capt), author and psychotherapist.

Over the past couple of years, through in-depth studies, professional certifications and thousands of hours in practice, Dr. Floyd has evolved into a performance coach and mental toughness expert, creating the kind of learning experience for others, that got him committed to personal and professional development a few years earlier.

Dr. Floyd has studied extensively, the behavioural sciences, and holds a Master’s Degree in psychology, a Doctoral Degree in Marriage and Family and is currently pursuing a PhD in Performance Psychology. His peak-performance driven motivational talks and approach to coaching, help people breakthrough limiting beliefs, build confidence, courage and mental toughness, so that they may achieve their most ambitious goals, with sustainable results.

His success formula has been documented in his most recent book, Exceed Yourself: How To Unlock Your Greatness And Live Your Best Life Possible. This “success manual” contains eight game-changing principles utilized by high achievers across most professions, be it in sports, leadership, or business.

He currently holds membership as a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario and as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), an organization that sets rigorous standards of excellence in professional coaching worldwide.

Note: Floyd also sees individuals, couples and families who are looking for therapeutic intervention to improve their relationship satisfaction.

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There’s Greatness Within You


“Floyd was able to help me articulate feelings and navigate the emotions of work complications in a dialogue which was open, honest and understanding. I would recommend Floyd to other senior managers and executives who want to improve positive communication in the work place.”

Christa Mariash
School Marketing Manager
Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet

“The coaching and guidance I received from Dr. Floyd has been instrumental in helping me learn to face my setbacks and challenges and to negate all negativity I had allowed to be wired into my being all those years. I now experience tremendous emotional growth and continue to apply his techniques on a daily basis in every aspect of my life. Thank you Dr. Floyd! Your coaching is indeed priceless!”

Didie Smith
Business Coach & Personal Trainer


Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet
A1 Counselling Services
Bendigi Technologies Inc.

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