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Leadership Training

In order to do more you have to be more. The truth is; when your organization is doing well, you feel amazing, with a sense of accomplishment. When your organization struggles, so do you. As a leader, you have no doubt, invested countless hours and tons of energy into making your organization successful – but are you satisfied with the return on your investment?

Evaluating Success:

Asking yourself a few questions to evaluate your success is critical, if your organization is going to remain relevant and experience high performance levels. So, is your team aligned, and are the members speaking the same language? Are you on track to achieve your organization’s goals? Are you regularly evaluating and optimizing your organization and team members’ potential? Is your organization’s turn-over high and are the employees’ morale low?

Training Approach:

Maybe you already have a thriving organization and just want to take it to the next level. Whatever your current position, Dr Floyd’s high performance leadership training will empower you and your team to function at your peak. With Dr. Floyd’s SOAR (Self-awareness, Optimization, Action, Review) Performance Model, you and your company will:

Get results faster

Boost morale

Improve productivity

Master the ability to influence others

Improve team performance

Take your company to the next level

Creating Sustainable Results:

During the training process, you’ll be equipped  with the tools required to effectively deal with any individual, group or situation. You will discover how to influence and drive your team to produce outstanding results and inspire them to buy-in to the organizations vision and mission.

In addition, the leadership training will help you improve your leadership skills and empower your team to unleash their full potential.

The Botom-Line

Ready to improve you and your team’s performance and take your organization to the next level? Connect with us and learn more about how you can have this high performance leadership training brought to your company.


“Dr. Floyd is an exceptional public speaker with extensive experience in self-development and relationship matters. Dr. Floyd is very knowledgeable, down-to earth, real, unafraid, humorous, and deeply caring. Listening to Dr. Floyd has inspired, encouraged, and challenged me to aim higher, and strive to be the best that I can be.”

Dr. Collins Ayoo

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