Everyone Needs A Coach

Coaching is one of the most effective and meaningful ways of creating lasting change in one’s personal and professional life. As an ICF Certified Coach, with over 20 years experience helping people get breakthrough results in their life, career and relationship Dr Floyd is here to take you like an elevator to your next level.

As a high-performance coach, he helps senior to mid-level corporate leaders and high achievers, develop high-performance habits, so that they may thrive and get more done in less time. He will help you foster a growth mindset, get clear on your vision, develop a plan of action with well defined goals and strategies, so that you may improve your outcomes and achieve sustainable results.

Coaching Services Offered


Executive Coaching

This confidential one-on-one coaching, helps senior to mid-level leaders and their teams, to lead with intentionality and confidence, while maintaining work-life balance as you carry out the organization’s mission. The coaching will help you improve your leadership skills and capacity, so that you may be able to influence your team in achieving greater levels of efficiency and productivity.

This 6-month coaching program is designed to help leaders;

  • Define or refine their vision
  • Improve leadership ability
  • Improve their influence
  • Get bottom line results



Life Coaching

This form of coaching will help you identify current opportunities, as well as the internal and external barriers to your success. It will provide you with the insight and strategies you need to overcome your fears about pursuing your dream and helps you make an actionable plan that gets you there. 

This 6-month coaching program is designed to assist you in;

  • Gaining clarity on your purpose
  • Designing clear objectives
  • Developing winning strategies
  • Get results faster


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