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Ready to take your performance to the next level? High performance coaching can help. Coaching is the process of effecting meaningful change in one’s personal and professional life, through the candid exploration of ideas with an unbiased and confidential thinker. Just as how coaching helps elite athletes in enhancing their performance towards the achievement of their goals, high performance coaching seeks to help people accelerate the achievement of their goals in a constantly changing world.

 The Coaching Context

The concept of coaching has its roots in sports coaching, a process that helped to unleash the athletes’ potential, launching them to the top of their game.  It is within this context that coaching has moved from the field of sports into the executive suites, in all walks of life and occupations, as individuals seek the support of a coach to help them unlock their full potential. 

The coaching profession owes its development in the 1980s to Thomas Leonard, an American financial planner. Leonard observed that his emotionally stable clients (who had a limited need of therapy) desired of him more than just the usual tips on investment and money management. Their desire was for his help in planning and organizing their lives, so as to achieve their goals.

It was out of this context that the coaching profession was born, as the coach and coachee worked together to develop strategies in an attempt to bring out the best in the coachee as she pursues and seeks to realize her goals.

Whether you are a manager in an organization trying to improve the performance of an employee, a team leader attempting to build the proficiency of your team, a parent who wants to provide the best parental outcome for your child, or just an individual who wants to be more competent in what you do, coaching has the potential of providing you with just the result you need.

International Coaching Federation

As the coaching profession grows, it began moving towards becoming a complete profession with its own distinct body of information. Numerous associations have emerged representing various elements of the coaching market, but the International Coaching Federation is today the largest professional body representing over 16,000 coaches from 95 different countries. 

The ICF is the most widely recognized coaching organization in the world and offers validation of coaching training and certification standards.

Benefits of Coaching  

Coaching is not counseling, consulting or mentoring. Coaching differs from counseling, consulting and mentoring in that, coaching focuses on the present and outcome creation for the future, while:

  • Counseling focuses on the past as a way of resolving difficulties.
  • Consulting is advice driven with a diagnosis and solution focus.
  • Mentoring is the process of supporting and encouraging people to manage their individual learning.

Some of the major benefits of coaching are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved performance
  • Positive people
  • Return on Investment
  • Satisfied Clients

Types of Coaching Services We Offer

Executive Coaching

This confidential one-on-one coaching, helps CEOs, team leaders, managers and business leaders to lead with, intentionality and confidence, while maintaining work-life balance as you carry out the organization’s mission. The coaching will help you improve your leadership skills and capacity, so that you may be able to influence your team in achieving greater levels of efficiency and productivity.

This 12-month coaching program is designed to help leaders;

  • Define or refine their vision
  • Improve leadership ability
  • Improve their influence
  • Get bottom line results


Life Coaching

This form of coaching will help you identify current opportunities, as well as the internal and external barriers to your success. It will provide you with the insight and strategies you need to overcome your fears about pursuing your dream and helps you make an actionable plan that gets you there. 

This 6 – 12-month coaching program is designed to assist you in;

  • Gaining clarity on your purpose
  • Designing clear objectives
  • Developing winning strategies
  • Get results faster


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