Top of Your Game

How to reach your highest potential and achieve your impossible goals.


Give me just 8 weeks of your time and I will show you how to reach your highest potential, build confidence, develop a winning mindset and achieve greater levels of success in life, while improving your influence, impact and income 

The Top of Your Game 8-week virtual small group coaching program, which runs 4 times per year, is the easiest way to navigate your fear, achieve your goals and gain mastery in your personal and professional life. 

Whether you want to start a business, change the world or your own life, The Top of Your Game program has what you need.

Your ability to show up as a high-performer is the key to greater impact and influence. This game-changing group coaching program walks you through the thinking and actions of high-performers in a way that you can immediately implement for achieving your goals with sustained results. 

Let me help you UNLOCK your greatness, MASTER your mindset, IMPROVE your results and LIVE a phenomenal life without experiencing burnout.  

After this program, you will look at your thinking and actions differently, than you have ever done 

You will learn and implement simple strategies in your life or business to create more efficient actions. Actions that will produce faster and more sustained results in your personal and professional life as you pursue your purpose.



Develop a more positive mindset

Build mental toughness to thrive under pressure

Develop a one page strategic plan for your life or business 

Increase your income

Have more time to spend with family

Improved health & peace of mind

Thrive in life and not just survive 

But Here’s The Deal… 

We do NOT work with everyone.

Here are a few checks to see if we may or may not be a good fit.


We Are Not For

 Those who are not 100% committed to taking action.

 Those who are not willing to invest time, money and energy in achieving their goals.

 Those who don’t take responsibility for their own success.


Who This Is For

You must be an achievement-oriented individual who’s excellent at what you do. 

You must want to reach your highest potential and be your best personally and professionally. 

Have a desire to improve your influence, impact and income

You are willing to take massive action to achieve your set goals. 



Our next cohort starts on Oct. 18, 2022 from 12-1 pm (EST) and have a few of our 10 spots left!


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