Your Only Limitation Is The One You Accept and Set Up In Your Own Mind

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Imagine what life could be like if you woke up each morning feeling inspired and motivated to pursue and achieve all that you have ever wanted. Coaching can provide you with just the motivation you need to navigate the internal and external barriers that stand between you and the realization of your dream.

What Coaching Is

Coaching is the process of effecting meaningful change in one’s personal and professional life, through the candid exploration of ideas with an unbiased and confidential thinker. Simply put, coaching is personal training for the mind. It is about taking your life, to the next level and creating a highly rewarding rich life, that is full of joy, satisfaction, passion and success.

What Coaching Is Not

Coaching is not counseling, consulting or mentoring. Coaching differs from counseling, consulting and mentoring in that, coaching focuses on the present and outcome creation for the future, while:

  • Counseling focuses on the past as a way of resolving difficulties.
  • Consulting is advice driven with a diagnosis and solution focus.
  • Mentoring is the process of supporting and encouraging people to manage their individual learning

The Coaching Process

Following an initial consultation to determine desired goals, the client completes the appropriate assessments. The first coaching meeting, typically 1.5 – 2 hours, is used to clarify goals and objectives, reviewing assessments and set focus for upcoming meetings.

Ongoing meetings will be conducted on a schedule agreed upon by the coach and the client and will usually last 1 hour each. The client will have access to the coach via phone and email between meetings.

  Benefits of Coaching

Whether you are an executive leading a Fortune 500 company, a manager in an organization trying to improve the performance of an employee, a team leader attempting to build the proficiency of your team, a parent who wants to provide the best parental outcome for your child, or just an individual who wants to be more competent in what you do, coaching has the potential of providing you with just the result you need.

If you want to unleash your potential and take your life, team or business to the next level, why not leverage the power of coaching today?

Note: All our coaching services are based on Floyd’s SOAR (Self-awareness, Optimization, Action, Review) performance coaching model.

Virtual Coaching:

In order to provide coaching services for individuals both locally and abroad, potential clients also have the option of receiving coaching services by Phone, ZOOM or Skype.

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