You are what you consistently think about! In order for things to change therefore, you have to change. In other words, the first step in achieving success, is to change your thinking. I call it The Psychology of Success.

Let’s use the computer as a way of describing how the mind works. The computer’s operating system “which is the software that supports the computer’s basic function, is compromised of a set of instructions that tell it what to do” (Exceed Yourself, p.16). Like the computer, our brains use instructions to inform the activities and behaviours we display on a daily basis. Our beliefs, values and views of ourselves are all pieces of information that impacts our operating system – the brain, and either impedes or accelerate our level of success in life and business.

In order to improve your performance and productivity in whatever you do therefore, it is important to first create an awareness of your inner state and then change it to reflect the desired state you would like it to be.

Create An Awareness

Since you cannot change what you are not aware of, this will be your first call of duty. Start by asking yourself in a candid way, the following questions. “What conversations have I been having with myself each day?” “Are these conversations, helping me or hindering my progress?” If the conversations are negative self-defeating ones, it may be time for you to update your “mental software,” which now leads me to my second point.

Change It

As Jim Rohn once said, “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You are not a tree.” But how does one change such self-defeating thoughts? Here’s how! Once you have identified the thoughts that you do not like, start overriding them with more positive ones, through positive self-talk. Positive self-talk is the “process of overriding our past negative programming, by replacing it with conscious positive new directions” (Exceed Yourself, p.25).

The secret to taking your life to a whole new level, is therefore, to change your psychology – your mental state, since you are what you consistently think about. If you think failure, you’ll attract failure, but if you think success, you’ll inevitably attract success, as long as you are also willing to put in the damn work.