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Hi, I’m Floyd Spence.

If you’re looking for someone who will exceed your expectations on the topic of motivation and peak performance, you just found him. My motivational speaking is practical, research based, peak performance driven and proven to change lives. Whether you’re trying to motivate a small team in a board room or thousands at a stadium, I will not only motivate them, but I will provide them with the tools to unlock their greatness and have them functioning at the top of their game.

What You Can Expect.

My entertaining, research based and peak performance driven deliveries, seek to provide individuals with the motivation and tools required, to achieve phenomenal results. From preparation to delivery, I am tuned into your needs, through interviews, audience/event profiles, careful review of event objectives, and collaboration with your key people, to ensure that what you desire, is what you receive.

As a Success Expert, my speaking provides insight and strategies to allow your audience to move forward with confidence and set breakthrough objectives to achieve optimum performance and sustainable results. My keynote talk, “NO LIMITS” empowers individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and shifts their mindset, so that they may take empowered actions that transform life, career and bank account.

Other Keynote Talks:

The Psychology Of Success

Success Strategies of High Achievers

Beating The Odds


1. Years of Experience as a Speaker
I have delivered hundreds of speeches, group training and presentations at events and organizations.

2. Passionate and Authentic
I keep it real and will passionately share with your audience my own life stories, about failures and successes as I build connection on a personal level.

3. Easy to Work With
I have a friendly, likeable and people driven personality that make working with me pleasurable and stress free.

4. Your Audience will be Empowered
Not only will your audience be motivated and inspired, but they will be empowered with the appropriate tools to achieve superior results.

5. A Powerful Coach
My top-notch training in the coaching profession has equipped me with the skills that have helped me over the years to bring out the best in others and I can do the same for you and your organization.

In addition, I will also tailor a program to meet you and your organization’s needs.


“Dr. Floyd is an exceptional public speaker with extensive experience in self-development and relationship matters. Dr. Floyd is very knowledgeable, down-to earth, real, unafraid, humorous, and deeply caring. Listening to Dr. Floyd has inspired, encouraged, and challenged me to aim higher, and strive to be the best that I can be.”

Dr. Collins Ayoo Economist

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