Optimal Living Blueprint 

How to reach your highest potential, thrive and get more done without burning out.

Learn the Game-changing Principles + Proven High Performance Habits to Double Your Productivity, Increase Your Income and Experience Growth in Your Personal and Professional Life.

The Optimal Living Blueprint 8-week program is the fastest way to achieve your goals and get more done, without sacrificing sleep, working 60-hour weeks, or burning yourself out.

Whether you want to experience growth in your life or in your career, The Optimal Living Blueprint program has what you need.

Your ability to show up as a high-performer is the key to greater impact and influence. This game-changing group coaching program walks you through the thinking and actions of high-performers in a way that you can immediately implement for achieving your personal and professional goals with sustained results. 

Let me help you UNLOCK your greatness, MASTER your mindset, IMPROVE your results and LIVE a phenomenal life without experiencing burnout.  

This game-changing program is one of the most researched, tried and proven pieces of work I have ever developed.   

You will learn and implement simple strategies in your life to create more efficient actions. Actions that will produce faster and more sustained results in your personal and professional life as you pursue your ambitious goals.



The 5 Simple Steps My Clients Use To Double Their Productivity And Increase Their Income ...

Without sacrificing sleep, working 60-hour weeks, or burning themselves out.


In this program, you'll discover:

  The step-by-step game plan any busy professional can use to double their productivity, and finally get the respect and recognition they deserve, even if right now that sounds impossible. 

 How my clients are increasing their income and raising their status, simply by getting more done in less time.

 What you can do to get laser-like focus, so you’re NEVER distracted, never waste time, and are finally able to unplug and relax when you get home, instead of stressing about everything you haven't done.

 Easy ways to streamline your daily routine, so you no longer waste precious time putting out fires and dealing with problems. 

 The secret to 10X your productivity and profitability, purely by managing your energy. 

How to balance your professional aspirations with your family life, health and overall wellbeing.

And, how to do ALL this, even if right now you're stressed, exhausted, and can't see a way out.

But Here’s The Deal… 

We do NOT work with everyone.

 Here are a few checks to see if we may or may not be a good fit


We Are Not For

 Those who are not 100% committed to taking action.

 Those who are not willing to invest time, money and energy in achieving their goals.

 Those who don’t take responsibility for their own success.


Who This Is For

You must be a business leader (executive, manager, director) or high achiever who’s excellent at what you do. 

You must want to reach your highest potential and be your best personally and professionally. 

You are willing to take massive action to achieve your set goals.

If that’s you, then click the link below to book a a call with me to find out if you are a good fit! 


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 “Floyd is an extremely effective coach. Clients are in great hands when they come to him, to work through even the most complex of problems and situations.”

Martin Sealy

Managing Director, MS Impact Group Limited