How to improve your mental game for optimum performance 

Mental toughness is the margin of success! 

This 4-week online training program will provide you with the tools you need to breakthrough mental barriers to your success, develop an unbeatable mind and have you live a charged life!  

I promise that in just 4 weeks I will walk you through the process of mastering your mindset, improve your performance and transform your actions and results.

This interactive and highly participatory virtual training uses a mix of instruction, examples, live practice, and a mental toughness assessment, so you can discover ways to improve and develop your mental game.  

Here is what you will learn when you take this training:  

  • How to intercept and rewrite your negative internal stories
  • How to Increase your confidence and develop an unbeatable mind
  • How to elevate your stage presence and persuasion
  • How to use mental training techniques to overcome stress, challenges and pressure
  • How to set yourself apart from the competition


4 weekly 60-minute sessions beginning Oct. 14, 5:30 - 6:30 pm (EST) 

Tuition: $1997 USD

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