We are defined by our stories. As a matter of fact, our personality is a composite of the stories we tell ourselves. So, who are you? What is your life‘s purpose? What is your life’s main theme? Is it possible that the stories we have been telling ourselves are holding us back, and are preventing us from living a more productive and satisfying life? If that is the case, this article on how to change your story may prove useful.

Mark Divine in his book “Unbeatable Mind,” tells the story of two twins and the different path they took in life, due to the story they each told themselves. According to the story, an author was writing a story about achievements of one twin who clawed his way out of the poverty and depression to achieve great success. The reporter asked the man, “To what do you attribute your accomplishments?” He responded, “I had no choice, you see. I had to find a way up and out because my father was a horrible alcoholic and abused me and my brother – I knew that if I didn’t work hard and seek a better life, I’d become just like him.” Curious about the fate of the other twin, the reporter tracked him down. He found him destitute, living on the streets. The reporter asked the same question. The response was, “I had no choice, you see; I was doomed because my father was a horrible alcoholic who abused me and my brother. I didn’t stand a chance.”

Imagine that! Two brothers, from the same home; one a success, the other a failure. Simply because of the story they each told themselves. So what’s your Story? What have you been telling yourself? What have you been believing about yourself? Maybe it’s time to rewrite your story so that you may be able to live the life you envisioned for yourself. Here are three way to rewrite your story.

Acknowledge your current story 

We all have a history and have been shaped by the many experiences of life. There’s no doubt that the effects of social conditioning has impacted your belief system and the way you view life. Maybe the life you are now living is a composite of what others told you, you were supposed to be, or not supposed to be. Whatever the case, it is important to acknowledge your current story, or you will not be able to change it. As vulnerability expert Brene Brown correctly puts it, “When we deny our stories they define us, when we own our stories, we get to write the ending” 

See your self as the author

In order to change your story, you must see yourself as the author of your life. This means being proactive, stepping out of the role of victim and accepting the fact that you are the architect of your own destiny. This is about realizing that you have choices, and that you can decide how your life will end, by taking the necessary steps in creating a new version of yourself.

Change your story

Playing an active role in your life is key to your achievement. Hence, taking responsibility for your destiny and designing a life, that reflects the person you want to become, is of paramount importance. This means, creating a story that is meaningful, empowering and authentic. One that will bring you happiness, life satisfaction, and a sense of meaning. As you do so remember the words of Gearge Eliot who said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”