Mentally tough people possess a certain measure of confidence and resilience that increase their chances of success in sports, business and life, exponentially. By mental toughness I mean having the ability to perform consistently and productively under pressure. If you want to know how to build mental toughness, so that you may succeed like the pros, check out these five things you can do.

1. Stay positive

Life is often beset with a lot of negativity. There are negative news, negative coworkers, negative friends and a host of other negative scenarios bombarding us each day. The way to stay on a positive frequency, with all these negativity around you, is to fortify your inner-self. You can do this with positive self-talk, or by looking for at lease one positive in every negative situation that happens to you. In other words refrain the negative thoughts.

2. Practice Visualization

Visualization is the formation of a mental image, of a situation or outcome you would like to achieve. Mentally tough people practice visualization often, in that they imagine possible scenarios, with possible solutions, as a way of helping them deal with the real events when they occur.

3. Manage Your Emotions

Mentally tough people are masters at managing their emotions. They are not easily ruffled. This is because they are guided by a sense of meaning and direction. This inner compass, regulates their emotions and helps them to stay on course. Another way of managing your emotions is through breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, that have proven to disarm anxiety and reset emotional and psychological states.

4. Set Goals

Having goals in life is one of the qualities of a mentally tough individual. Mentally tough people have a clear goal that they work towards, consistently and persistently. The goals generally have long-term and short-term components and mentally tough people keep marching towards them, irrespective of the obstacles they are confronted with.

5. Stay Motivated

The word motivate, is derived from the word motive, which can be defined as the reason for doing something. In other words, to get motivated, you need to have a reason for pursuing the thing that you want to achieve. Mentally tough people take motivation however, to another level. Their “why” drives them. Generally, mentally tough people attach an emotional reason (like I’m doing it for my child etc.), to achieving what they want and with this mindset they are pretty much unstoppable. Suffice it to say, when you know why you need to get something, it makes it easier to stick it through and gives you the willpower to break through any barrier you might encounter.