Top of Your Game

Building high performance habits to improve your results 


Give me just 5 hours of your time and I will show you how to shift from average to phenomenal and go from good to great

The Top of Your Game 1 day course is the easiest way to navigate what's holding you back as a leader, or high achiever, so you may become remarkable at what you do and sustain your greatness. 

Whether you want to change the world or your own life, the Top of Your Game course has what you need.

Your ability to show up as a high-performer is the key to greater impact and influence. This game-changing program walks you through the thinking and actions of high-performers in a way that you can immediately implement for more sustainable results. 

Let me help you unlock your greatness, master your mindset, improve your results and live a phenomenal life.  

After this course, you will look at your thinking and actions differently, than you have ever done 

You will learn and implement simple habits in your life to create more efficient actions. Actions that will produce faster and more sustained results in your personal and professional life.


Details: June 6 from 10 am - 3:00 pm (EST) 


Regular Tuition: $497

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  • Learn  the 9 habits of high-performers 
  • Learn how to optimize your day 
  • Gain greater clarity about your purpose and craft 
  • Explore mindset principles of high-performers 
  • Learn how to manage your energy for greater productivity