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Those who have reached the zenith of success did not get their by chance, they chose to go there. Those who continue to enjoy success irrespective of their status or level of achievement in society, refused to become complacent once they’ve reached the top. The events listed below will provide you with just the resources you need to launch you to the top of your game, be it in your personal or professional life.

Unlock Your Greatness

The Unlock Your Greatness event provides a step-by-step process to uncover the seeds of greatness that resides within. This event empowers participants to unleash their potential and uncover the incredible tools that dwell within themselves or their organization.

So are you ready to step into your greatness? Are you ready to be the best version of you, so you may take your life and or organization to the next level? In this event, you will be assisted in capturing a vision of the future you want to create as you explore what it takes to get there.

Unlock Your Greatness, and live your best life possible. No dream is too big. No dreamer is too small. There’s Greatness Within You!

DETAILS: Coming Soon

Peak Performance Mindset

Improving your mental game and achieving excellence through performance. How would you like to achieve and sustain Peak Performance in your life or business as you successfully pursue the fulfillment of your goals in life. Our approach during this program facilitates reflection, learning, foresight and insight, towards the co-creation of consensus based purpose and performance development action plans.

The program will draw out and develop your inherent abilities, enabling you to solve problems, overcome barriers, conquer challenges, achieve goals and perform at optimal levels

DETAILS: Coming Soon

The Art Of Love

Learn how to turn up the heat in your intimate relationship? Dr. Floyd gives couples insight and tips on how to nurture intimacy and be more desirable in the bedroom. One thing’s for sure—being satisfied in the bedroom doesn’t just happen on its own, it takes an understanding of what turns you and your partner on.

The Art of Love program will provide you with just the information you need, so as to help you step outside your comfort zone and turn up the heat in your bedroom.

DETAILS: Coming Soon

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