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Those who have reached the zenith of success did not get there by chance, they chose to go there. Here are a number of upcoming events that are changing lives locally and internationally, as Dr.Floyd helps people unlock their greatness so they may live their best life possible.

Unlock Your Greatness

The Unlock Your Greatness event provides a step-by-step process to uncover the seeds of greatness that resides within. This event empowers participants to unleash their potential and uncover the incredible tools that dwell within themselves or their organization.

So are you ready to step into your greatness? Are you ready to be the best version of you, so you may take your life and or organization to the next level? In this event, you will be assisted in capturing a vision of the future you want to create as you explore what it takes to get there.

Unlock Your Greatness, and live your best life possible. No dream is too big. No dreamer is too small. There’s Greatness Within You!

DETIAL: Coming Soon

No Limits

Improving your mental game and achieving excellence through performance. How would you like to achieve and sustain Peak Performance in your life or business as you successfully pursue the fulfillment of your goals in life.

This event will draw out and develop your inherent abilities, enabling you to solve problems, overcome barriers, conquer challenges, achieve goals and perform at optimal levels

DETAILS: Available to be presented at your location.


A youth empowerment event that equip youth to take their lives to the next level. Learning how to navigate the many day-to-day cravings that sabotage success. Areas address includes spirituality, identity, leadership, love and relationship.

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