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Executive Coaching

OThe concept of coaching has moved from the field of sports into the executive suites. Just as how coaching helps elite athletes in enhancing their performance towards the achievement of their goals, Executive Coaching seeks to help leaders, managers and business owners accelerate the achievement of their goals.

What Does An Executive Coach Do?

The executive coach is to the business professional, what the sporting coach is to the elite athlete in the world of sports. Simply put, coaching is personal training for the mind. Through the candid and unbiased exploration of ideas, the executive coach helps to guide the client through the different points, methods and strategies required for attaining the targeted goals for growth. The coach is there to;

  • guide,
  • explore possibilities,
  • hold accountable,
  • alter, or shift mindset, in order to help get through internal or external barriers,
  • create growth,
  • improve performance,
  • and achieve results faster.

Who Is A Good Fit For Executive Coaching?

Anyone who has a leading role in and organization and desires to experiencing optimal performance, is a good fit for executive coaching. This includes,

  • managers,
  • executives,
  • leaders,
  • small business owners,
  • and entrepreneurs.

Because, the world is constantly changing, organizations and business leaders need to stay relevant and purpose driven in order to be successful. Executive coaching is therefore one of the main tools that will keep you on the cutting edge, in a constantly changing world.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

The benefits of executive coaching are numerous. There is increasing evidence that coaching is one of the most effective ways to improve performance, develop people and add to a companies bottom line. Benefits range from:

  • increased productivity,
  • improved leadership skills,
  • improved presentation and public speaking skills,
  • managing organizational change,
  • increased customer service,
  • reduced employee turnover,
  • better team performance,
  • reduced stress and increased profitability.
  • improved working relationships with direct report,
  • better working relationships with their manager,
  • greater contribution to their team,
  • reduction in conflict,
  • and better business relationship with clients.

The Bottom-line

If you want to fully optimize your company’s profitability or your leadership ability, you must create measurable results. One of the best ways to do so, is by leveraging executive coaching services. Learn  how to increase sales, empower your team’s performance, optimize your business for greater success and provide the leadership model that will bring you results.


“Floyd was able to help me articulate feelings and navigate the emotions of work complications in a dialogue which was open, honest and understanding. I would recommend Floyd to other senior managers and executives who want to improve positive communication in the work place.”
Christa Mariash
School Marketing Manager
Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet

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